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The Night Sky Podcast | 05 Five Planets In The Morning Sky

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The Night Sky Podcast | 05 Five Planets In The Morning Sky

Produced by Marina Hansen and Billy Newman.


  1. Tony Newton

    Jupiter’s moons. Great podcast guys. Can I just make a comment about your discussion of the order of Jupiter’s moons (which by now you may have already looked up!) – the order of the 4 are Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto. However, a key point to note is that when observing the moons they do not appear in this order much of the time, due to their differing orbits around Jupiter and when you are observing them. Often you can see them on opposite sides of the planet, but more crucially you may see, for example, Callisto just as it passes the face of the planet, making it seem the closest of the moons to Jupiter, while the others are at the far ends of their orbits and thus appear to be in the right order. In the UK our leading Astronomy magazine The Sky at Night includes a chart in each month’s edition showing the relative positions of the 4 moons every night of that month. In a random month edition of the magazine pulled from my shelf I note that only twice do all 4 moons appear on the same side of Jupiter in the month, and only one of these are they all in the “correct” order. Only 9 more times are they seen in the correct order, albeit on different sides of the planet.

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